Blockchain DNA


AI BlockChain DNA would offer a tamper-free secure storage space for medical records while also providing intelligent predictions.

Secure and Safe Record Storage: AI BlockChain DNA can securely and immutably store medical records; patient records; clinical records for identity and history purposes; clinical data such as clinical trial data and processed data; interpretations and insights from studies such as compound libraries and genetic research; and business intelligence data.

Robust:  AI BlockChain can store millions of copies and fields of raw data. There is virtually no chance of record loss. Whether used for records storage or bioinformatics, AI BlockChain can compute and maintain all entered fields of data.

Reliable and Seamless: Our AI BlockChain agents will be able alert users of suspicious activity and govern our unique chain ensuring access to resources. Super Agents embedded in AI BlockChain allowing us to do updates without shutting down our whole platform.

Adaptable: Current multi-continental distributed campuses of multi-national pharmaceutical companies already have centralized “distributed computing” infrastructure. The company can choose how to deploy the distributed computing platform depending on the current infrastructures rather than purchasing/incorporating new hardware.