Blockchain Finance

AI BlockChain in Financial Services

AI BlockChain provides opportunities for financial firms to overhaul existing banking infrastructure and speed settlements. AI BlockChain immediately transfers funds securely, with no wait for confirmation. 

Removes Middleman: AI BlockChain cuts out all middlemen, meaning, users can transfer funds to other uses without waiting for confirmation. This speed is made possible through our efficient Artificial Intelligent Super Peers.

Infinite: AI BlockChain is a giant interactive spreadsheet that can hold infinite volumes of information and keep each step transparent. This allows the user to trace back each change removing the possibility of third-party manipulation. Removing the possibility of fraudulent activities creates trust between the financial establishment and user.

Universal Wallet: According to the Mckinsey and Company research, 2.5 billion of the world’s adults don’t use banks or microfinance institutions. AI BlockChain is able to offer technology where users could manager their financials securely from their cell phones through a digital wallet. Unlike current wallets, this wallet is their financial institution, not a link.

Future Possibility: As a private decentralized technology, AI BlockChain may develop additional code to handle cross-border payments, clearing and settling bond or equity trades.