Blockchain Media

AI BlockChain offers artists an easy way to distribute their content and merchandise without hidden fees on one-inclusive platform.

Seamless Secure Content Storage and Sharing: AI BlockChain can easily be built to mirror current cloud platforms to provide users with a familiar interface. However, to ensure security, a user would use a key that would be emailed or texted instead of a password. In addition, each file is encrypted with a new encryption every ten minutes on multiple peers.

Inclusive Shopping Experience: Users will be able to purchase content and merchandise on one efficient platform. All of this can be done without pending times and transaction fees.

One Version Fits All: Designers will no longer have to create several options to compromise with GooglePlay’s Apple’s and Amazon’s operating systems. There will only be a need for one version for any and all providers.

Real Interaction: Artists can upload content and interact with their audiences directly.  Sell or license music, films, video games, apps, etc directly to consumers.